Fishing for new activists to add to email file

I had to highlight an online flash game I found that was developed for Conserve our Oceans, called the Ocean Survivor Game.

It’s a great way of creating activist and adding their emails to Conserve our Ocean’s email file, but unfortunately, you’re not going to find the game though search, only through the organization’s website (I tried to find it).

A search for “blue fin tuna” displays the Environmental Defense Fund’s activism page, and the World Wildlife Fund’s activism page – because it’s filled with the word “blue fin tuna” (in the title and page text, though it could use a description tag).

How could Conserve our Ocean get more traffic? First, they should add keywords to the text of their page and in their meta tags. Second they should try to get prominent bloggers to mention their game (like who has 510,336 visitors per month vs. Conserve Our Ocean’s site with 4,123 – based on data).

Third, they should partner with places like the Monterey Bay Aquarium and see if they would post a link to the game. Put it on their facebook page, or even better, turn it into a Facebook Application. I would play it if a friend sent me along or if I could compete with my friends for higher scores. They could even buy a Facebook ad related to the game and have it display on profiles that use keywords related to the ocean or fishing.

They should also get NOAA’s educational page to link to the game. Not only does the NOAA site get over 4 million visitors a month, but it also would be a quality inbound link coming from a .gov site.

It’s a great tool, and a fun game. I hope that Conserve our Ocean gets a chance to promote it more broadly.


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