Levi’s Creates “Friends Store” using Facebook Like

I’m impressed by the turn around with this considering Facebook only announced it’s “like” feature that webmasters can imbed on their sites…what, like a week ago?

But here you go. You can shop online with your friends and see what jeans they like.


Ning Announces shut down of it’s free service, fires 40% of staff

Just announced today. If you have a free Ning network, you will now be forced to upgrade to a paid account or take your business elsewhere.

Read more about Ning’s shut down of free service.

Google Sidewiki – Death to Static Webpages

Awesome! Now anyone using the Google Toolbar can leave comments for others to see about your webpages through Google Sidewiki.

Screenshot of Google Sidewiki

Screenshot of Google Sidewiki

Luckily you can (through Google Webmaster Tools) create a webmaster entry that will appear on top, but this is a challenging new feature for anyone (like me) who is trying to get a handle on existing webpages that you know are not designed to their full effectiveness. Now users can comment on those type of issues.

This is also going to make it challenging to know the reason why your landing pages are not converting – is it because of the landing page itself, or the SideWiki text?

So much for the line between a website and a blog. Now even static content can have commenting going on whether or not you as a webmaster intended for that to happen.

I can’t find anything within the documentation that makes it easy for you as a webmaster to sign up for a feed of updates on SideWiki comments on pages you own – let me know if you figure out how that can happen. Otherwise I’m not sure (as a manager of multiple websites) how you stay on top of something like this…

Happy Day! Promoting Using Social Media Just Got a Bit Easier!

Facebook announced a new feature that they are rolling out to pages that lets the administrator automatically publish the update to Twitter.

Slides from Social Media Presentation at AMA DC

I had a great time on a panel yesterday about social media organized by the DC Chapter of the American Marketing Association. I pulled together slides of useful online marketing tools and wanted to share them here. It was tons of fun getting folks excited about social media and web measurement.

Speaking at American Marketing Association Panel on Social Media

I’m on an AMA panel this week about social media. The panel is unbelievably diverse, so it should be an interesting conversation and lunch is served!

Here’s the info:
What do a university medical center, a woodworking tools manufacturer, and an environmental nonprofit organization have in common? They’re all using social media to great effect…and they’re all ready to tell us more about it.

Be on hand as three articulate and energetic innovators–Ed Bennett from the University of Maryland Medical Center, Ted Hall from ShopBot Tools, and Katherine Watier from Environmental Working Group–join serial entrepreneur Casey Golden, founder and president of Small Act Network, in a stimulating and informative panel discussion. As always, it’s a wonderful networking opportunity and a great lunch!

WHAT: Executive Marketing Roundtable, sponsored by the American Marketing Assn.

TITLE: Putting Social Media in the Mix—How to Choose It, When to Use It

DATE: Thursday, June 25

TIME: 11:30 am – 2:00 pm

PLACE: Morrison & Foerster, 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Sixth Floor

COST: $50 Members
$65 Non-members

To register or find out more: http://www.amadc.org/events/event_calendar.html#0625

Register now online—limited seating!

Senior Marketing Executives Only, Please.

Nonprofits Can now add Call to Action Button in YouTube

I wanted to share the news! Previously, nonprofits were not able to link back to their website call to action page in YouTube – only display a Google Checkout button for donations or their main website URL.

Now you can create a call to action overlay for particular videos which will link back to your particular call to action page.

Here are the instructions from YouTube:

Just go to the “Edit Video” section of your video, then
fill out the fields in the section marked “Call to Action overlay.”
Then insert:
* A short headline
* Ad text
* Destination URL
* An image
…and you’re set to go. Now the Call to Action overlay will appear
whenever someone watches that video.

Every nonprofit that has a video running on YouTube that is related to an active campaign, should turn on this feature.