Google’s Instructional Videos on YouTube

Many of you who have attended my trainings or have been reading this blog know that I encourage non-profits to take advantage of Google’s free tools (in particular Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer). Google now has a Business Channel on YouTube that has some great how-to videos which I would encourage you to check out.


How Nonprofits Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles

I had a great article forwarded to me by my friends at Oregon Volunteers which talks about how non-profits are becoming engaged in social media and managing the workload of multiple social media accounts.

Here are some of the highlights, but you should read the full article written by Beth Kanter – it has other great tips.

So for those venturing into social media, keep in mind:

1. You need to commit the time. It will take you 2 hours to create a new profile and understand the network, and a minimum of ten hours per week mantaining your accounts.

2. Create a schedule for yourself to participate in each of the networks regularly.

3. Solicit help (Your interns, volunteers, boards could help you maintain these accounts).

4. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes – that’s how you learn about how to use the tools to meet your objectives

5. Be friendly and personal on the sites (they are SOCIAL media sites after all).

For all of those following along at home, notice how I link to my friends who give me cool news and ideas to blog about? Keep them coming, I love to spread the link love!

Online Marketing Training at the 2008 Northwest Network Conference

I’m in Portland, OR this week at the 2008 Northwest Network Conference conducting my Online Marketing 101, Social Media training sessions, and conducting some site audits. There’s a great crew of folks here, and it’s neat to get nonprofits excited about search marketing.

Making it Easy for Email Subscribers to Change Their Address

Regardless of how engaged your constituents are with your mission, you can expect to lose at least one third to one half of your email database every year due to list churn. Do you make it easy for your subscribers to change their email address?

There are some great best practices here from Email Insider for implementing a change of address feature for your email subscribers.

Among the tips:

1. Make it obvious where someone needs to click to change their address

2. If possible, pre-populate your change of address web form with your subscriber’s information

3. Make sure to show a thank you/confirmation page and send an email to the subscriber’s new email address confirming the change. to Shut Down?

I wanted to make my readers aware of the latest buzz about the search engine. An industry insider has shared with the Silicon Alley Insider that leadership might pull the plug on Teoma, the engine that powers Ask’s search, and just using Google. If that’s the case, it would eliminate a search engine from the running and web managers would only have to optimize for three different search engine algorithms, not four.