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Teens Say Social Life would end if they couldn’t text

Had to share a fascinating survey results from from CTIA and Harris Interactive (via MarketingCharts).

Here are some highlights:

  • Four out of five teens (17 million) carry a wireless device
  • A majority (57 percent) of teens view their cell phone as the key to their social life.
  • Teens admitted spending nearly an equal amount of time talking as they do texting each month. The feature is so important to them that if texting were no longer an option 47 percent of teens say their social life would end or be worsened – that’s especially so among females (54 percent vs. 40 percent).
  • 42 percent of teens say they can text blindfolded

Also on teens’ wish lists are phones that…

  • Guarantee secured data access to the user only (80 percent)
  • Provide accessibility to personal health records (66 percent)
  • Present opportunities to be educated anywhere in the world (66 percent)
  • Bring users closer to global issues impacting teens’ world (63 percent)
  • Are shockproof and waterproof (81 percent)
  • Have endless power (80 percent)
  • Feature a privacy screen (58 percent)
  • Are made of flexible material and fold into different shapes and sizes (39 percent)
  • Have artificial intelligence – ask it questions and it gives answers (38 percent)

If you’re a nonprofit that serves teens and you’re not offering mobile friendly websites, the ability for them to communicate and donate to you via text message, etc. You’re clearly missing your marketplace…

Using Social Psychology Findings for Email Subject Lines

One of the great things about online marketing is that there are a wealth of free webinars and training sessions available online that actually teach you something.

One that I had to share is Marketing Experiment’s Webinar on how to optimize headlines. You MUST spend a moment watching this webinar. It will teach you how to pick words and word order in subject lines and headlines for landing pages that will drive positive results. It also walks folks through how to test both elements.


Click here for Flash format (slides with audio)

Google’s Future Focus – Your Best Friend

Ah.  I was waiting for this. When Google admits that it’s future focus is to fulfill Ray Kurzweil’s prediction.

As context, here’s Ray’s assertion:

As with all of the other manifestations of information technology, we are also making exponential gains in reverse-engineering the human brain….By 2029, sufficient computation to simulate the entire human brain, which I estimate at about 1016 (10 million billion) calculations per second (cps), will cost about a dollar. By that time, intelligent machines will combine the subtle and supple skills that humans now excel in (essentially our powers of pattern recognition) with ways in which machines are already superior, such as remembering trillions of facts accurately, searching quickly through vast databases, and downloading skills and knowledge.

Basically, that technology will replace or enhance the human brain’s capacity and here’s a comment about the future of Google from Google’s Marissa Mayer, VP, Search Products & User Experience:

So what’s our straightforward definition of the ideal search engine? Your best friend with instant access to all the world’s facts and a photographic memory of everything you’ve seen and know. That search engine could tailor answers to you based on your preferences, your existing knowledge and the best available information; it could ask for clarification and present the answers in whatever setting or media worked best.

Science fiction becomes science fact ladies and gentleman…except perhaps before 2029. Moore’s law often means technology change happens faster than you even predict.

A bit of fun – Social Media Campaigns for Boring Products

Just in case you were convinced that a product has to be cool to succeed in social media, here are a few examples of how social media campaigns can even help boring products or services.

Email template to ask for blog links

I found this template on Performancing.com and wanted to share.

Subject Line

Interesting article: Top 10 Mistakes New Homebuyers Make


Hi [blogger’s name],

My name is Dee Barizo. I write at Real Estate Blog, found at http://www.mysite.com/.

I recently published an article I thought you and your readers might be interested in. Based on my experience as a real estate agent, I covered the top 10 mistakes new homebuyers make. Here is the URL:


If you like the article, I’d absolutely love a mention on your site.

In any case, you’ve got a great site. Keep it up.


Dee Barizo

I thought that it was a great place to start if you want to link build to your blog. I also cross-post links to some of my blog articles on twitter and facebook.

Finally! An easy way for me to find my Doppelganger!

Google announced today that it’s newest version of Picassa will have facial recognition software built in and will automatically suggest other photos online that look similar.

I think it’s very helpful of Google to create a way for us to find our doppelganger. I can see future meetups of people who look alike but grew up in different countries…

Of course some cultures think that seeing your own doppelganger is an omen of death…