Consulting Services

As the CEO of Watier Ong Strategies, I focus on finding and solving the source of your marketing problem. I think that all strong marketing plans are rooted in the profound understanding from your data and customer research.

My approach includes diagnosing your marketing processes, systems, and resources; assisting you in refocusing your strategy on the truths that will allow your brand and products to connect and engage with your target audience.

I have ten years of experience creating compelling, successful online marketing campaigns (and over 25 in traditional marketing) all of which has driven website traffic and conversions for clients.

Contact me today to learn more about how to break through the online noise and connect with your audience.

We truly enjoy working with non-profits on website design, online marketing, and web analytics, and they have appreciated our ability to make the steps easy to understand and implement. Here are some of the comments from my online marketing training sessions:


  • “I wanted to share with you that your workshop was the best that I attended at the conference (National Conference on Volunteering and Service). I especially appreciated the presentation of different levels of investment in SEO activities based upon how much time individuals have available.” – Marta Bortner, CaliforniaVolunteers
  • Additional feedback from my workshop at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service
  • “Thank you so much Katherine. Yours was the most relevant and useful webinar that I have participated in recent history. Thanks again!”- Sarah W. Catoe, Hands On Asheville-Buncombe Director

I also offer digital marketing coaching, and you can learn more about my coaching services here.



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