Hunch – The Decider

Finally! A site that can help me with questions like:

Does he love me or not?
Should I ask him out?
Should I wear red or blue today?
Should I go back to school?

You think I’m kidding, but really these are the question the site says it handles.

In short, it helps users make decisions by guiding them through a series of questions on their chosen topic. Above, the topic is about choosing which island in Hawaii to visit. After answering a series of questions (all created and modified by Hunch users), Hunch provides a recommendation based on your answers, on what it knows about you from other activity on the site, and from the likes and dislikes of similar Hunch users.

Too funny:


Yahoo and Microsoft Look Ready to Final Sign Search Deal

More info about the Microsoft/Yahoo news here. Looks like it won’t impact paid search ads, and there’s still some question if it will raise antitrust flags with the Department of Justice. Would certainly make life easier if you only need to pay attention to 2 search engines instead of three.