Email template to ask for blog links

I found this template on and wanted to share.

Subject Line

Interesting article: Top 10 Mistakes New Homebuyers Make


Hi [blogger’s name],

My name is Dee Barizo. I write at Real Estate Blog, found at

I recently published an article I thought you and your readers might be interested in. Based on my experience as a real estate agent, I covered the top 10 mistakes new homebuyers make. Here is the URL:

If you like the article, I’d absolutely love a mention on your site.

In any case, you’ve got a great site. Keep it up.


Dee Barizo

I thought that it was a great place to start if you want to link build to your blog. I also cross-post links to some of my blog articles on twitter and facebook.


Flickr Update: Links in Comments are now No-Follow

Welcome to the ever changing world of search marketing. For those of you who have attended my training, you might remember me talking about making sure to put your website address in the comment field for each photo you upload, because it increases the number of inbound links you can create.

Flickr has now made those links “nofollow” which means that search engine spiders don’t follow those links to your website (they don’t count now as inbound links). They are still useful for humans who are looking at the photos, and the links you place on your group and profile pages are still followed, but the links in your images are now not followed.

Flickr is still a useful community to be a part of, based on shear number of users. But make sure to join other groups that have similar photos – that will encourage more people to find your photos and learn about your mission.