Using News to drive SEO & traffic

Stumbled onto a great webinar I wanted to share:

It has some great tips about items that should be in your online newsroom.


One Response

  1. This was really interesting and as you point out there are a lot of tips and suggestions. Journalists really are relying on web searching, and getting quality media coverage definitely improves SE ranking as well as simple hits and links to your website.

    This presentation gave me some good suggestions for simple, direct actions I can take for my clients to create or improve their “Press” or “Newsroom” website sections. I am a WordPress fan, and WordPress makes it so easy to manage these things in my opinion. I plan to build well-designed Newsroom website sections into new proposals and, probably even more importantly, to pitch a Newsroom design/redeisgn into new projects for existing clients.

    Thanks so much!

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