Google reading brain wave patterns to test ads

I for one am excited about the intersection of neuropsychology and online advertising. I went to both an undergraduate and graduate program that were multidisciplinary programs, and I can’t fathom how people can make educated decisions without combining academic disciplines.

So here’s the snippet of an article from Search Engine Land that I found interesting:
Google is launching overlay ads on YouTube, and to “prove the efficacy of these ads, Google hired a company called NeuroFocus to conduct research measuring biometric response to the overlays through indicators such as brainwave activity, skin response, and eye tracking. The study discovered that viewers found the overlays “compelling and engaging” and that these ads generated a high amount of attention and emotional engagement for a variety of different brands and video types”.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by advertising, it’s necessary to get even more sophisticated when measuring effectiveness. Studies show that only 40% of searchers even *see* paid search ads…

So you how do you know that your display, flash, or video ad is even generating a response when it’s launched for brand (not direct conversion) purposes? You measure brain waves and skin response.



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