A corporate example: Using Social Networks to Create Groundswell

I had to share…I found this example of selling lotion through mapping social networks so interesting…

I found a fascinating article about how Vaseline created a film documentary through mapping the social network of a small town in Kodiak, Alaska, and then analyzed the social network to determine who was the “sneezer” (a reference there to the Ideavirus book)…or the one in the community who was recommending the lotion the most to other town residents.

Once they found Petal Ruch (a voice coach and 40-year-old mother of four) or the “hub” of referrals, they documented their life and how the lotion is a part of their life and launched the documentary about lotion use on the web.

I think it’s a fascinating study of a company analyzing social dynamics and one to one referrals to create a marketing campaign that seems real – using video to amplify the message coming from that one sneezer. And as an added bonus, it’s unique enough to pick up traditional media coverage in the New York Times….


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