Google’s New Browser – We Are not invading your privacy

I find Google’s most recent moves fascinating.  We’ve known that they are rolling out what is called “personalized search” – results that are influenced by what Google knows about you.  So when you are logged into your iGoogle page, or gmail,  they gather information about you from: email, newsreader, docs, bookmarks, search history, search result clicks, and personalized home pages.

All of this data allows Google to serve up bulletin boards about Apple computer issues when you search for “my apple is a lemon” instead of showing you results with website about fruit.

However, privacy folks might have a few issues with Google having this much information about you – no matter how helpful it might be in helping you search for information.

Then along comes Google’s Chrome where you can search in “Incognito mode” – where nothing you type will be stored by Google.  Of course, you have to turn on the “incognito mode” otherwise the sites you visit, tabs you close, your recently saved web pages, and frequently used search engines are used to personalize a new tab when you create one.


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  1. A little bit Big-Brotherish, but probably helpful in the long run.

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