Send Relevant Emails, or be labeled as a Spammer

My consulting clients can tell you that I’m like a dog with a bone when I talk to them about personalizing the email messages they send…I just won’t let go of the idea.

Now MarkingSherpa has done research to support my belief that all email should be personalized as much as possible to the recipient’s interest in your organization.  Sending general message to everyone about your organization just doesn’t work anymore.

The study shows that recipients are hitting the “spam” button in their inbox if they don’t like the message in your email, and they don’t care if their actions will evetually label you as a spammer.

Here’s more about the study. So start mining your supporter database, start segmenting and email your supporters based on the issues you know they care about.

Ok. I’m off my soapbox for the moment.


One Response

  1. I was just fuming about being labeled as spam in the “volunteers” section on Craigslist. Thanks!

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