Obama is Winning the Online Marketing Race

From a Business Week report:

Democrats have been focused on recruiting supporters online while McCain has been spending campaign donors on TV. The difference is striking:

Obama now boasts 1.5 million friends on Facebook and MySpace, and 43,026 Twitter followers, not to mention 850,000 fans on MyBarackObama.com, his personal social network. In contrast, McCain has 203,343 supporters across MySpace and Facebook.

To compensate for missed connections, McCain’s campaign launched McCainSpace in February, a social network where users can create McCain-centric personal profiles. Commentator Michael Goldfarb was also hired to blog for McCain’s website.

This month the Republicans also launched MeetBarackObama.com, a social media site that highlights Barack’s weaknesses.

I’m not sure if McCain will be able to catch up, and I still don’t think he’s using social networks in an authentic way that will seem “real” online.


One Response

  1. You’re absolutely right, Katherine. I kind of see it as echos of Kennedy vs. Nixon. Obama is just more “connected” to voters where they are – which is online.

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