Being the silent gal in the corner at the social media party

I discovered an analogy about social media networks that I had to share, because I see quite a few non-profits join a social network like Facebook or MySpace and then basically abandon their account/profile – only rarely posting updates.

It’s important to think about social networks like it’s a party. If you join but then don’t do anything, you’ll become known as the guy/gal who came to the party but stood in the corder and that has consequences about how your brand is percieved.

Its rather easy to keep your profiles updated because the posts should be natural sounding and short. Here are some ideas;

  • So when something happens in the news related to your issue, post a comment and a link to the news article.
  • When you have an event coming up, post the event in Facebook and Eventful
  • When you come up with a new video, post that everywhere as well. (YouTube, MySpace and Facebook at a bare minimum)
  • When you are working on a new advocacy campaign, post a blurb to the full information on your accounts..
  • When someone else comments on your content, take a moment to comment back.

Don’t be so shy to participate that you don’t at all. Unlike high school parties, social media sites are a bit more forgiving about awkward first advances. Besides, you’ll never get that “date” with a new donor or supporter if you don’t walk away from the corner long enough to at least say “hi”.


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