10 Signs you are a Search Marketing Geek

OK, I have to admit that I stole this and modified from another post.

Here is my top ten list to know if your a marketing geek:

  1. You look for and point out the SEO mistakes on every site you visit.
  2. Your friends and family have stopped sending you forwarded chain emails because they are tired of being accused of spamming.
  3. You use acronyms for everything even if there is no reason to.
  4. You forget that phone directories still exist until you see the new one on your doorstep once a year.
  5. When you go out to eat you look for user reviews on the menu and can’t believe that restaurants have not embraced user generated content.
  6. You want to call up every restaurant you find that doesn’t have an operable website to offer your services – just so next time you can easily find their menu and phone number.
  7. You can’t understand why EVERY local business is not registered on local search – it’s free people! And it will let me find your phone number and address, considering I recycle the phone book as soon as it’s delivered to my door.
  8. You get caught up in the usability of every website you visit
  9. You’ve developed a new game with friends and family titled, “Can you tell me what this ad is selling and who is selling it?”
  10. You’ve put your 60 something parents through search engine marketing training so that they can help you promote your family’s website (yes, I’ve actually done this)

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