Cleaning Up your Volunteer Email List

We all hate to do it, but it has to be done – updating and cleaning up your volunteer email list. If you’re using a provider like Constant Contact, hopefully folks have been opting themselves out of your emails if they aren’t interested. If you’re mass emailing folks in some other fashion, you’ll have to periodically clean up your list.

Where to start!!

First, start with your bouncebacks. If you have a postal email address for those volunteers, send them a postcard asking them if they still want to receive notifications about volunteer opportunities and events with a note to email you with their new address, or give you a call.

Second, if you’re using an mass email program, pull a report of the folks on your list who are not opening your email. Most mass email programs charge per email address you’re sending to, and you don’t want to waste $ on folks who aren’t interested in your message.

And finally, go ahead and send your old list an email asking if they would like to continue receiving information from you. You can have them register on, or respond back to you with their new email address.


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