Writing An Engaging & SEO Friendly Volunteer Opportunity

How much time do you spend in writing your volunteer title and job description before posting it in 1-800-Volunteer.org?

A well written description is 100 times more effective in recruiting volunteers for two reasons.

1. A volunteer opportunity description and title that uses keyword phrases that a potential volunteer might use to describe the job is 100% more effective, because search engines are computers – they match the keyword phrases that are input into their search boxes with keywords used on the page. Your description and title are just that – words on the page. So don’t use the word “docent”. That’s a term used by our industry, not necessarily volunteers. Use words like “museum guide” or “museum educator” instead. Not sure which keyword phrase people are using to search for this type of opportunity? Use a free online tool like Wordtracker to see the numbers of folks who have searched using those words.

2. Make your description detailed and enticing. If you’re not sure how to describe the job, then take a look at our taxonomy document located in the “Resources & Training” section of your 1-800-Volunteer.org account. We’ve created descriptions for all volunteer jobs possible. Take our generic description, and edit it in such a way that it motivates them to respond and moves them to action. Make sure to include all the details about materials they need to bring, background checks they might need, etc.

It’s a new world when it comes to posting volunteer opportunities online. Make sure to think keyword phrases – described how you think your volunteers might describe the job. Without keeping keywords phrases in mind, your volunteer opportunities might never be found, and your community’s critical needs might go unmet.


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